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Very practical PCB design problems

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-17 13:43:07
27M, SDRAM clock line (80M-90M), the two or three harmonic of these clock lines just in the VHF band, from the receiver after high-frequency access, the interference is great. In addition to shrinking the length of the short line, there are those good ways?
If the three harmonic is large, the two harmonic is small, possibly because the signal duty cycle is 50%, because in this case, the signal has no even harmonics. Signal duty cycle needs to be modified at this time. In addition, if the unidirectional clock signal is used, the source end series matching is generally used. This suppresses the two reflex, but does not affect the clock rate. The source end matching value can be obtained by using the following formula. 

What is the topological structure of the routing?
Topology, also called routing order., the routing order for networks with multi port connections.
How do you adjust the routing topology to improve the integrity of your signal?
This network signal direction is more complex, because of one-way, two-way signals, different levels, kinds of signals, topological effects are different, it is difficult to say which topology is beneficial to the quality of the signal. What kind of topology should be used before simulation, which requires high requirements for engineers, such as circuit theory, signal type, and even wiring difficulty.