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Future prospects and development of PCB production and processing

O-leading O-leading.com 2018-12-27 14:41:49

high-density PCB technology

China has become the world's largest producer of printed circuit boards, and the resulting environmental and resource issues and sustainable development have been placed at unprecedented strategic heights.

PCB processing production can cause serious pollution to the environment. If the pollution situation does not change, the future development of China's PCB industry is worrying. In the past few years, many PCB companies have invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and have done a lot of work in pollution control, recycling economy, energy conservation and consumption reduction. They have begun to taste some sweetness. Domestic and foreign customers have stabilized and orders have increased.(Halogen Free PCB  manufacturer china)

In the future, PCB production and processing enterprises should continue their efforts to strengthen the work of environmental protection and recycling economy, make wastewater recycling and recycling stable, waste etching liquid recycling and recycling and recycling of copper to a new level, the wastewater treatment station liquid addition system reaches automatic Control, further energy conservation and emission reduction, so that the printed board factory becomes a modern electronic industrial park with a clear blue air and a clean air.

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