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PCB industry helps the development of the Internet of Things!

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-12-21 17:00:20

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The impact of networking on society has a profound impact. For the economic impact, e-commerce has become a new industry, and has achieved great victories, and even some industries do not use e-commerce to cause bankruptcy. By 2016, in addition to e-commerce, another major change in the Internet economy is the Internet of Things.

The concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things have been proposed in the past few years. It is roughly the meaning of the connection between objects and objects. Enterprises are no longer “individually fighting”. There is no “separation between industries” and between industries, between enterprises and enterprises. Between the industry and the industry, closer connections can be achieved, cooperation is more convenient, and information circulation is more convenient.

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The development of the Internet of Things brings great convenience and value to traditional industries such as PCB production, which can bring huge development and new opportunities to such factories and production enterprises. The Internet of Things can collect first-line data information such as control components, production components, and automated production lines of the enterprise, enabling plant managers to make more intelligent decisions based on data information, thereby forming smart factories and intelligent manufacturing.

The Internet of Things can be connected to the supply chain and demand chain in the transaction chain at the same time. The producer can adjust the production plan of the factory in time according to the market demand of the external environment, realize flexible manufacturing and ultimately improve the responsiveness and production efficiency of the factory. Shorten the product's entire life cycle, improve the utilization of assets, and reduce the risk of resource waste, which is the value brought by intelligent manufacturing. The demanders can compare a lot, from transportation, price, raw materials, after-sales and other aspects, choose the factory that best suits their own. (PCB Assembly manufacturer china )

Many PCB companies have begun to contact the Internet and the Internet of Things. Jin Baize has a history of 20 years and has a certain position in the PCB industry. It not only enters the Internet e-commerce, but also actively participates in the construction of the Internet of Things in the PCB industry. Its cloud creation website is a professional hardware innovation service platform, which adds to the development of the Internet of Things in the industry.