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Possible ways to solve e-waste pollution

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-12-20 16:02:52

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The types of electronic wastes are very complex, and the products of the same function produced by various manufacturers vary from material selection, design and production. In the process of recycling, it is necessary to manually split into components such as printed circuit boards, cables and wires, and picture tubes, and then perform quite complicated processing. The existing treatment methods are classified into chemical treatment, fire treatment, mechanical treatment, microbial treatment, etc., but there are many disadvantages, such as chemical treatment, which uses highly corrosive drugs, and generates a large amount of waste liquid and toxic gas; The treatment produces a lot of burning waste; the disassembly of the electronic waste during mechanical processing is usually manual, with low efficiency; the microbial treatment takes a long time period.

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In some developed countries, there is a relatively complete electronic waste disposal mechanism. For example, in Japan, scrapped home appliances are transported to designated recycling locations by home appliance manufacturers and importers, and disposed of at designated recycling sites for commercialization. In the processing stage, most of the foreign countries also use less polluting mechanical treatment methods. Japan and Germany also have more advanced technologies to use machines to improve the efficiency of mechanical processing. I believe that China should learn from the successful experience of solving the problem of garbage pollution in foreign countries. First, it should legislate to clarify the responsibility of the e-waste problem and let the enterprise bear the social responsibility that should be borne. In addition, it is necessary to establish a complete recycling and processing channel to treat e-waste in a less polluting way. The government should also set up special funds to encourage reform and innovation in e-waste processing technology. At the same time, the issue of garbage import should also be carried out with special rectification and strictly eliminated.

The most effective way to solve e-waste is to require people's unification of e-waste, unified recycling and re-creation of scrapped and eliminated e-waste, and effective treatment methods can have a good environment. Recycling of scrapped electronic waste can not only re-use the value but also contribute to optimizing the environment.

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