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The pollution caused by electronic waste is extremely harmful.

hya hya.com 2018-12-19 17:16:24

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With the development of technology, electronic products can be seen everywhere in life, and electronics manufacturers who make electronic products are also everywhere in the city. Electronic waste is a waste electronic device, which contains various circuit boards, electronic components, plastic casings, etc. And electronic devices contain a variety of precious metal components, so there are many types of waste in e-waste. Let's take a look at the hazards of e-waste.

The composition of electronic waste is complex. Many home appliances contain toxic chemicals. More than half of the materials are harmful to the human body, and some are even highly toxic. For example, a computer has more than 700 components, half of which contain mercury, arsenic, chromium and other toxic chemicals; televisions, electric ice electronic waste cause serious pollution caused by electronic waste; boxes, mobile phones and other electronic products They also contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, and mercury; toners are included in laser printers and copiers.

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When electronic waste is landfilled or incinerated, heavy metals infiltrate the soil and enter rivers and groundwater, which will cause local soil and groundwater pollution, directly or indirectly damage local residents and other organisms; organic matter is burned It releases a large amount of harmful gases, such as highly toxic dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls and other carcinogens, causing harm to the natural environment and the human body.

Lead can damage human nerves, blood systems, and kidneys, affecting the development of young children's brains. Chromium can damage the body's DNA and cause diseases such as asthma. Under the action of microorganisms, inorganic mercury will be converted into methylmercury. When it enters the human brain, it destroys the nervous system, and in severe cases, it can cause death. The release of Freon from abandoned air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment will destroy the ozone layer, causing a greenhouse effect and increasing the incidence of human skin cancer. Low levels of landfill or improper combustion and regeneration of brominated flame retardants and chlorine-containing plastics will emit toxic and hazardous substances.

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