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How to solder PCB board with visual soldering machine?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-12-28 15:23:53

Porcelain prototype for PCB assembly

At the moment, the PCB is the most used by the welding machine. In order to use the visual welder to the full, it is necessary to understand the precautions of the PCB and the welder, in order to obtain a better welding effect. So, how does the visual welder work when welding PCB boards?

Firstly, the surface of the weld must be clean to achieve a good bond between the weld and the weld and the weld surface must be kept clean. Also for welds with good weldability, if there is a layer of oxide, dust and oil on the welding surface. Be sure to clean before welding, otherwise it will affect the formation of the alloy layer around the weld, so the welding quality can not be guaranteed.

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Secondly, the cord should be weldable. The quality of the weld depends mainly on the ability of the welder to wet the surface of the weld, or the wettability of the two metal materials. If the weldability of the weld is poor, it is impossible to weld a qualified weld. Weldability refers to the formation of a good bond between welding and welding under the right temperature and flow.

Next, the welding time should be set appropriately. The welding time is the time required to make physical and chemical changes during welding. It includes the welding time for the welding temperature, the melting time of the solder, the role of the flow and the time needed to form the metal alloy. (China PCB assembly manufacturer)

The welding time of the printed circuit should be appropriate. If it is too long, it will damage the welding parts and devices. If it is too short, it will not meet the requirements.