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Environmental protection treatment and recycling of discarded circuit board

hya hya.com 2018-12-26 14:40:05

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How to reuse the electrical appliances that have been replaced by household appliances has always been a topic of research, especially the circuit boards inside the electrical appliances. How to reuse them? Dry circuit board crushing and recycling will be favored by the recycling industry. The circuit board is all treasures are not afraid of no one to deal with, the circuit board recycling equipment scientifically automates the disposal of waste electronic waste without pollution, green environmental protection and energy saving.

First, the circuit board recycling equipment dry and harmless treatment

The circuit board crushing and recycling equipment adopts an effective process for fully recycling all kinds of waste circuit boards to automatically recover non-ferrous metals. In the recycling process, the pollution caused by other harmful substances of heavy metals in the circuit board is reduced to a large extent, and the environment is largely carried out. Safe and harmless treatment and recycling, realizing the recycling in the true sense, ensuring the industrialization of new technologies can be realized quickly and effectively. Green Jie environmentally-friendly dry circuit board recycling equipment has good comprehensive performance, and has unique effects on computer board recycling, computer board recycling, TV board recycling and other line control board recycling. The recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitor parts is also compatible. With the new type of dust collector, the three-in-one dust removal has no pollution to the air and no exhaust emissions. The equipment has a neat appearance and no dust bag, which replaces the dust of the traditional dust collector.

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Second, the waste circuit board recycling:

Now let's take a look at how useful these scrapped boards are. Is there any gold in them? The waste circuit board is slowly crushed, separated by various processes of the recycling equipment, and the various materials inside are sorted after sorting. The waste circuit board crushing device is divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. When the metal and non-metal materials are pulverized to a certain fineness, the metal and non-metal materials are in a completely separated state and then concentrated and re-sorted, collecting rare and rare species inside. Then re-use them into our lives. (PCB Prototype supplier china

All electronic products are not lacking in the circuit board. Take our common mobile phones, how to update and replace the circuit board, then for the manufacturers of circuit boards, circuit board recycling equipment is a good choice, can solve the problem of raw materials, It can reduce environmental pollution, and the recovered circuit board can be crushed and separated to obtain clean metal and metal. It can be used directly as raw materials, eliminating manpower procurement, and insufficient raw materials. Environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment not only promotes social development to our environment. Reducing unnecessary pollution has greatly helped our lives. The recycling of electronic waste recycling equipment is the need of the electronics industry.