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Four special plating methods for circuit boards

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-05-27 09:51:00

1, refers to the row of plating
In the electroplating often need to be rare metal plated in the edge of the connector, the board side of the protruding contacts or gold finger to provide a lower contact resistance and high wear resistance, the technology is called the type of plating or protruding part of the plating The
2, through-hole plating
Through hole plating is a necessary process for the subsequent production of the drilling process. When the drill bit is drilled through the copper foil and the underlying substrate, the heat generated causes the insulating synthetic resin constituting the majority of the substrate substrate to melt, melt the resin and other drilling debris Accumulate around the hole and apply to the newly exposed hole in the copper foil.

3, reel linked to choose plating
This plating method can be used manual plating production line, you can also use automatic plating equipment, a separate choice for each pin is very expensive to choose, it must use batch welding, in the plating production is usually rolled into the required thickness of the metal foil The nickel, the gold, the silver, the rhodium, the button or the tin-nickel alloy, the copper-nickel alloy, the nickel-lead alloy, and the like, are continuously cleaned by a chemical or mechanical method.
4, brush plating
The last method is called "brush plating": it is an electrodeposition technique in which not all parts are immersed in the electrolyte. In this electroplating technique, only a limited area is electroplated and has no effect on the rest.