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Communication Industry 5G Message 5G Supports PCL CCL Industry Upgrade

o-lead o-leading.com 2018-07-25 11:47:21

In the intergenerational upgrade of the first decade, 5G will bring the PCL CCL and the value added will double. Chinese advertising group IMT-2020 (5G) 5G proposed "five key technologies" and the industrial chain of wireless access networks has undergone considerable changes. Among them, (1) 5G radio frequency will be introduced with Massive MIMO technology and the number of 5G base stations is significantly larger than 4G. Growth is estimated that 2/3 of the output of the base station antenna mobile communication will be transferred into the industrial chain of printed circuit boards so that estimates the value of the RF PCB / clad laminate for the base station antennas 5G will be more than ten times 4G. (2) Network 5G will have greater operational bandwidth and investments in routers, switches, IDC and other facilities will increase, and the demand for high-speed PCB / CCL will also increase significantly. Besides the increased demand high-performance equipment will use board materials with a higher value (RF (antenna)) with high speed (IDC / base station) with a higher added value, which would bring added value and consumption of PCB / CCL industry chain doubled.

5G will be the main driver of the PCB industry over the next three years. The printed circuit board industry has entered the advanced phase and the traditional application market is saturated. The key to growth depends on the emerging downstream segments. Prismark company believes that the automotive and communications equipment, consumer electronics take over and become the new engine of industrial growth in the next five years. Regardless of automotive electronics or communication equipment, manufacturers will directly confirm the materials that are part of the device. The automotive market with intelligent control and new energy vehicles in recent years has increased significantly, but the threshold for certification market for automotive panels is higher, especially with main components with high added value, such as ADAS and energy management. Chinese manufacturers are hard to break in a short time. To put it quite a trumpet, the manufacturers of devices linking the China communications area realized the transition from followers to leaders in the 5G era. 5G is expected to achieve the location of high-frequency high-frequency / high-speed plate materials. We believe that PCB will be the main driver of industry growth over the next three years.

5G offers opportunities to locate top-of-the-range materials, from cycle to growth. CCL is the main material for the manufacture of printed circuit boards. CCL products are divided into traditional products and top products. The CCL performance value in China is 65% of the world, and a further increase in the market share of domestic manufacturers is a general trend. A special copper-clad sheet generally refers to a copper plate made from a special resin filler according to a certain ratio of the formulations, and the main fillers include polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, hydrocarbon, PPE / CE, and the like.

Sharing cakes for 5G PCB devices will be referred to as "vessel + materials". Upstream high-end materials are important, but the process and design have a great effect on the ultimate performance of PCB products. "Process + Materials" will share the industrial added value of 5G. The 5G high-frequency / high-speed board must be impedance-controlled during the design process and must be implemented with an excellent process. 5G PCB performance requirements are extremely high, generally have higher requirements for the number of layers, area, drilling accuracy, wires, etc. Therefore, higher process co-ordination is required during the PCB processing process.