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Can I make a hole in the PCB chip pad?

2019-07-31 10:38:00
When designing a board, sometimes due to the limitation of the board area or the complicated wiring, it is considered to place the via on the pad of the chip component.
It has always been divided into two opinions: support and opposition.
The two viewpoints are briefly described below. FLEX BOARD supplier china.

stand by:
Netizen A
Generally, the purpose of punching holes in the pads is to enhance the overcurrent capability or enhance the heat dissipation. Therefore, the back side is mainly copper-plated power supply or ground, and the chip components are rarely placed, so as to prevent leakage of tin during reflow soldering, Adding green oil to the back of the via, the problem is solved. I have dealt with the power supply of the server motherboard I have contacted. flexible BOARD manufacturer china.

Netizen B
Generally, the chip component can be used in one of the reflow soldering process or the wave soldering process. The wave soldering requires that the pad density should not be too high, the pad is too dense to cause a short circuit of the tin, and the chip IC pin is relatively dense, using reflow soldering. It is the preferred option.
The instrumentation file can only be used for wave soldering. About wave soldering and reflow soldering can find a lot of introductions on the Internet. Engineers engaged in PCB design should first understand these production processes to know how to design. Double Side PCB manufacturer china.

Netizen C
There are Fanout rules in Protel, which means that the vias are not allowed to be placed on the pads.
This is forbidden in traditional processes because the solder will flow into the vias.
There are now two methods for micro vias and plug holes that allow the vias to be placed on the pads, but they are very expensive. Consult the PCB factory.
User D
It is best not to punch holes in the PAD, which is easy to cause solder joints. Organize the layout well, and the location of a small via should still be found.
However, for patch components, solder will flow through the vias during reflow soldering. So use with caution.
Personal suggestion: The way to make a hole in the pad is easy to cause the solder joint of the chip component, and use it as much as possible as a last resort.