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Buy memory, don't ignore PCB, teach you how to choose high quality memory

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-07-12 11:24:18

The vast majority of users are aware of high-performance memory sticks with high frequency, large capacity, and good granularity, but in reality, these are not enough criteria for judging. The reason why high-performance memory can run stably for a long time at high frequency is not related to the specifications of the PCB. Especially for a memory module with strong overclocking performance, the PCB(Quick turn PCB Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer) requirements will be more stringent.

The full name of the PCB is the "Printed Circuit Board", which is the carrier of the electrical connection of electronic components. All integrated circuits, DRAM particles and other auxiliary components are concentrated on it. Therefore, even the best particles, if the PCB design is not reasonable, its performance will be greatly reduced.

The memory PCB is mainly composed of copper and fiberglass. The copper layer is used for wiring and plug-in components, and the signal transmission of the memory is carried out through it. The role of fiberglass is to separate the copper layers and reduce electrical interference between circuits. This means that the more layers of the PCB(Cheapest PCB makers china), the larger the wiring space of the electronic circuit, and the more stable the memory is.

During memory operation, high-speed data exchange creates electron flow and creates electrical interference between the lines. Especially when the memory is overclocked, the speed of electron flow will increase greatly due to the increase of frequency and voltage. If the number of PCB layers is enough, as mentioned above, it will help to reduce the signal interference caused by electron flow and ensure stable operation of the memory at high frequency.