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How to develop in the future if the PCB manufacturer increases the price in turn

o-lead o-leading.com 2018-07-11 11:21:12
How to develop in the future if the PCB manufacturer increases the price in turn?

Manufacturers of printed circuit boards (china pcb manufacturer) Alternately increasing prices, production capacity is inadequate as it develops in the future

Development trends in the circuit board industry are good, especially in the electronics industry and electronic products. And now that China has entered the 5G era, consumer electronics is facing a new development cycle, which is bound to bring more demand for printed circuit boards.

In addition, the printed circuitry is closely related to our lives. Domestic appliances, computers, mobile phones, mobile apparel, medical equipment and almost all electronic products use printed circuit boards. The basic materials for the production of circuit boards: copper foil, glass fibers, epoxy resin etc. They have been in the last years unbalanced between supply and demand and are the main reason for the rise in prices of products from secondary circuits.

However, due to the large investment scale of the printed circuit board industry and the long expansion period, the purchase and construction of the equipment are not overnight. This increases the current price increase of peripheral boards. (Printed circuit board manufacturer).

Subsequent market demand is currently expanding and the rise in automotive electronics will also increase the lack of circuit boards. According to the analysis of the Prospective Industrial Research Institute "China's PCB market prospects and investment strategic planning analysis," it is estimated that by 2020 global demand for PCBs will reach 9 billion US dollars.

Although the size of the market is extremely large, operators, if they can not cooperate with the primary industry, will be limited.
In order to understand this market opportunity, there is another possibility in addition to extending the scope of production. Manufacturers want to improve performance, may want to start from R & D, organize top-class manufacturing capabilities such as circuit boards electronic boards, server boards, RF application boards, high-speed transfer boards, through in-depth analysis of the development of these market segments. It is possible to maximize the value of material resources by increasing the technological content of the product to meet the needs of downstream manufacturers of electronics( Printed circuit board supplier).

Additionally, emerging areas can also find new development opportunities for PCBs. And this technology must lead to new requirements on board. At present, the transformation and upgrading of the circuit board industry has become an inevitable trend. If it can not be consistent with the repetition of market-related and consumer electronics applications, it will certainly be time-consuming.