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complex profile printed circuit board with CNCcomplex profile printed circuit board with CNC

complex profile printed circuit board with CNC

  • PCB P/N:0310303500E
  • Layer Count:2L
  • Material:FR-4 TG130
  • Board thk:0.8mm
  • copper thk:1/1oz
  • Smallest hole size:0.2MM
  • No. of holes (pcs):23
  • line w/s:8/8mil
  • Impedance control. Y / N (Tol %):N

Welcome to O-leading

We are professional PCB manufacturer with more than ten years experiences . Products range-single, double side(Double sided pcb supplier ) ,multi-layer PCB ,flexible PCB and MCPCB.We can provide fast prototype service – S/S in 24hrs , 4-8layers in 48-96 working hrs production time. 


Pack with colorless transparent bubble film ,25 PCS/ bag, put desiccant in flank, put humidity  indicator card on top side

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Product Description
PCB P/N  0310303500E 
Layer Count  2L 
Material  FR-4 TG130 
Board thk  0.8mm 
copper thk  1/1oz 
Smallest hole size  0.2mm 
No. of holes (pcs)  23 
line w/s  8/8mil 
Impedance control. Y / N (Tol %) 
Surface Finishing  ENIG    Au:0.05-0.10UM 
Solder Mask Silkscreen  Green/ n/a 
Single board size  Dim X (mm):139; Dim Y (mm):75 
Panelisation  Dim X (mm):236.5;Dim Y (mm):137.2;No Of UPS:4 
Routing/Punching  CNC 

    Our Team


    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details  16 years professional OEM pcb board manufacturer 
    Delivery Detail  7-12days 


    1. How do O-Leading ensure quality?
    Our high quality standard is achieved with the following.
    1.The process is strictly controlled under  ISO 9001:2008 standards.
    2.Extensive use of software in managing the production process
    3.State-of-art testing equipments and tools. E.g. Flying Probe, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) and ICT (in-circuit testing).
    4.Dedicated quality assurance team with failure case analysis process
    5.Continuous staff training and education 

    2. How do O-Leading keep your price competitive?
    Over the last decade, prices of many raw materials (e.g. copper, chemicals) had doubled, tripled or quadrupled; Chinese currency RMB had appreciated 31% over US dollar; And our labor cost also increased significantly.  However, O-Leading have kept our pricing steady. This owns entirely to our innovations in reducing cost, avoiding wastes and improving efficiency. Our prices are very competitive in the industry at the same quality level.
    We believe in a win-win partnership with our customers.  Our partnership will be mutually beneficial if we can provide you an edge on cost and quality. 

    3. What kinds of boards can O-Leading process?
    Common FR4, high-TG and halogen-free boards, Rogers, Arlon, Telfon, aluminum/copper-based boards, PI, etc. 

    4. What data are needed for PCB production?
    It is best to provide data in Gerber 274-X format. In addition, Cam350, CAD, Protel 99se, PADS, DXP and Eagle can also be processed. 

    5. What’s the typical process flow for multi-layer PCB?
    Material cutting → Inner dry film → inner etching → Inner AOI → Multi-bond → Layer stack up Pressing → Drilling → PTH → Panel Plating → Outer Dry Film → Pattern Plating → Outer etching → Outer AOI → Solder Mask → Component Mark → Surface finish → Routing → E/T → Visual Inspection.


    Contact Person:Mrs. Venessa

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