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the refrigerator saves electricity

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-14 15:37:04

1, avoid increasing the temperature around the refrigerator

Try to keep the refrigerator in the shade of your home and avoid direct sunlight. The refrigerator should not be put together with audio, television, microwave ovens and other appliances. The heat generated by these appliances will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.

2, food storage leave convection space

There should be a gap of about 10mm between the food stored in the refrigerator and the wall of the box, and between the food and the food. Can't put food in the refrigerator without any gaps.

The working principle of the refrigerator is to suppress the evaporation of food moisture inside the refrigerator, and the full space makes the refrigerator need more power consumption to suppress food moisture evaporation. The correct approach is to rationally plan the space inside the refrigerator and leave some room for it.

3, hot food not directly in the refrigerator

Many people seem to think that food is not put into the refrigerator as soon as possible and it will soon be broken. However, if you put food that has not cooled in the refrigerator, the temperature in the refrigerator will increase, and the refrigerator will have to consume more power to keep it cool.

4, reduce the number of open doors to shorten the opening time

Every time the refrigerator is opened, the temperature inside the cabinet must be restored and the compressor must work. Therefore, the time and number of open doors should be minimized and shortened. Think about what to take before you open the fridge, what else needs to be put in and done once.

5, a reasonable adjustment of the refrigerator temperature control

According to the seasonal changes, the type of food and how much, reasonably adjust the refrigerator temperature controller winter thermostat knob to "1" word, summer to "4" position, more conducive to saving electricity.

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