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Selection and purchase of washing machine(part 1)

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-13 20:46:11
Washing machine, as the most commonly used household appliances, has brought great convenience to people's lives. With its dirty clothes, it can also easily wash away, save energy and save energy.

From the early double cylinder, semi-automatic to full-automatic, and developing to frequency conversion, direct drive, binocular, intelligence and so on, the washing machine has made a qualitative leap in appearance, performance and detail design.

Facing the current market kinds of complex washing machine products, there will be some confusion. It is true that washing machines develop to the present with rich patterns and functions, which brings more choices for the consumers, but at the same time, it will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of selection.

When it comes to washing machines, it seems that we have to mention two words: drum and wave wheel. They are the two main factions in the washing machine market. They can't decide which of the two is better or worse, but they have their own characteristics. This is due to the difference in the structure of the two, and the working principle and the way of washing are very different.

The washing machine of the wave wheel: the top opens the hatch door, the water does not wear the clothing completely, the electric motor drives the wave wheel to revolve, stir up the flow, then drives the clothing to turn back, the friction, achieves the decontamination effect.

Drum washing machine: open the door, the clothes in a semi submerged state, motor driven rotating drum, drum three outstanding lifting rib clothes up to the height, due to gravity clothing natural fall, continue to beat reciprocating clothes, so as to achieve the decontamination effect.

Second point: the capacity should be combined with the actual needs of the family

How to choose the size of the capacity?

When you go to the shop to buy a washing machine, the shopper will ask you first: what capacity do you need? In addition to the style of the washing machine, the capacity is the second main factors to choose the washing machine.

What does the capacity mean? It actually refers to the washing machine's maximum washing capacity, the unit is Kg, representing the washing machine's maximum washing capacity. The capacity of the mainstream washing machine on the market is about 6~10 kilograms.

Generally speaking, a washing machine with a capacity of 5~8 kilograms can meet the daily needs of three families. The four family's choice of products of 7~9 kilograms is enough, and for five families or more, 9 kg washing machine is more suitable.

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