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How do cell phone batteries run out

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-12 11:32:32

If the mobile phone use more than a year and a half of mobile phone battery is not durable. It is likely that the loss of the battery problem, the current mobile phone batteries are lithium-ion batteries in charging and discharging when there will be loss, most of the mobile phone battery in charging and discharging 500 times after the battery will drop to below 80%, then can feel the mobile phone charging ratio the previous time shorter, but the mobile phone battery life cut by a large margin.

After one or two years of use the majority of mobile phone mobile phone has been out of warranty, so we recommend using a mobile phone for a year and a half to two years after the battery has an obvious drop down the official mobile phone customer service repair replacement of mobile phone battery, try not to go to the third party mobile phone repair platform or small mobile phone repair, these no authentication of mobile phone repair battery after may not original.

When we go out, if you do not have to try to put a mobile phone GPS navigation mobile phone positioning function is closed, if you do not close the GPS it may last for your mobile phone positioning, resulting in low power consumption without meaning; in the navigation out looking at the map, if you look at the map does not need to know where you can put navigation close the mobile phone navigation software, navigation is very mobile phone power consumption.

In the journey of mobile phone signal is not good or in fast forward railway or other modes of transportation, such as not to use mobile phone can be temporarily shut down, because of the fast moving mobile phone will always keep searching for a base station mobile phone communication function is normal, and in a base station in the mobile phone more power, cause this is why sometimes hot in the car mobile phone.

The Android mobile phone users, due to the openness of the Android platform, operating system to control the application of the not so strict, so there are a lot of rogue software often in the background from the start and some will evoke their own other one or more APP, leading mobile phone power consumption in vain. To prevent the startup of these software, the software will be shut down in the authority management of the installation of APP, and the backstage operation is prohibited.

Most of Android phones are equipped with their own UI based on Android, so there are generally safety centers, APP, etc., which can manage software permissions, or in settings software, there are also management self startup options. In addition, if we open the application and use it, we should form a good habit of cleaning up the background frequently. Now the configuration of mobile phones is improving constantly, and the mobile phone storage is also increasing. If the background application is not cleaned, most of them will be resident in memory.

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