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Is the cell phone battery not durable? Look at the power saving techniques

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-09 10:40:17

I believe that when you use smart phones, you will encounter the embarrassing situation of the cell phone battery being out of power: it may be during the trip, it may be on the way to the shopping mall, or it may be that the mobile phone power consumption is running out on the way to work. The energy density of cell phone has been increasing steadily in recent years, but it still can not keep pace with the upgrading of electronic products. Most smart phones can't escape the fate of a day. What are the skills to prolong battery life?

As a large screen mobile phone power consumption and the impact on the life of the intelligent mobile phone especially, now most of them have a light sensor, o-leading recommends that everyone open automatic screen brightness, so light is not to see the screen, light is dark when the screen is not too harsh; and if you want more power, or mobile phone soon no electricity oneself still outside does not charge, then you can close the mobile phone automatic brightness adjustment function, directly to the lowest brightness of the screen brightness to you can see the screen of the mobile phone, this will extend the use of time.

Reduce the brightness of the screen is suitable for users of the urgent need to improve the life time of the situation, because the screen brightness down will affect the user experience of the mobile phone, especially in the outdoor sun, turn off auto brightness after screen brightness may be artificially low dark, can not see the contents of the screen.

We all know that the higher the resolution of mobile phone mobile phone power consumption more quickly, on the one hand is due to the screen itself more pixels to display more fine, on the other hand is due to the high resolution of mobile phone CPU/GPU overhead is also large, processors need more screen display, so insummaryofthesetwopoints makes a high resolution screen life time as low resolution. Reducing the screen resolution can prolong the endurance time. Of course, the virtual resolution is the software level, and the physical resolution is still unchanged. Of course, this power saving technique is only for some high resolution Android mobile phone, which is not applicable to the iOS platform.

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