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Introduce some interesting creative appliances

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-15 17:19:13
This is a head-mounted fan that looks like a headset. At first glance, this fan is no different from an earmuff-type headset, but it has an air outlet above the earmuffs, hung on the neck, you can enjoy the coolness brought by the hair. The other end of the "headset" is a USB power port, plugged into mobile power to work. Taking this street out in the summer can be quite pully and practical. 

It's hard to think of this shape as reminiscent of a refrigerator. This refrigerator is made of soft heat-insulating material. The compressor has a separate design and highlights its heat transfer function. When the food needs to be thawed, it only needs to be placed in the compressor. On the column, the frozen food will be quickly thawed. Its point of view is still in the main storage part of the refrigerator. There are pockets in the inside of the refrigerator. It can hold beverages, food and other items. The inner storage pocket is made of waterproof textile, and the Velcro tape is used to connect with the outer layer of the insulation. It can be disassembled by itself and it is convenient for cleaning.

Using our HDI pcb Printed circuit board can also produce a lot of creative appliances!