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What is the danger of touching the board?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-30 17:59:07

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In daily life, we are more or less subject to some static electricity. Especially in the winter, it is full of static electricity. The human body can release static electricity of up to tens of thousands of volts. At the end of the year, the project has reached the final stage. You should never touch the live motherboard with static electricity to cause the motherboard to burn out!

First, the harm of static electricity
In different environments, the electrostatic voltage carried by the human body ranges from a few hundred volts to several tens of thousands of volts. Contact with electronic components (conductors) can cause electrostatic discharge, which can damage the device and reduce reliability. In severe cases, electrostatic discharge can cause breakdown of the device and cause the product to be directly scrapped. In addition, the electrostatic discharge process simultaneously radiates radio waves at a certain frequency, interfering with the peripheral microprocessor, causing the application to run disorderly, which seriously affects the normal operation of the device.

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Therefore, in the daily production work, it is necessary to standardize the operation, and try to avoid direct contact with the electronic components, especially in the charged state.

Second, how to prevent static electricity
1, anti-static cordless wrist strap
According to the "corona discharge" effect and the principle of tip discharge, when the accumulated charge exceeds a certain value, the potential difference is discharged to the space, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity. The wrist band is convenient and reliable, and the mobile position is allowed to be worn, and the static electricity consumption is required. Dispersion time: less than 0.5s;

2. Anti-static wrist strap (BACKPLANE BOARD  manufacturer china)
The human skin is in direct contact with the conductive material on the wrist strap. When the wrist strap is grounded, the static electricity generated by the movement of the human body is quickly discharged through the grounding system, and the static discharge time is less than 0.1 s;

3. Anti-static PU coated gloves
The anti-static PU gloves can further prevent the static electricity of the human body from being transmitted to the circuit board through the hand contact, and the distance between the conductive wires of the back of the hand is 10 mm.