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PCB automation industry enters the era of three-axis robot

o-lead o-leading.com 2018-07-05 13:46:30

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Nowadays, the rapid expansion of mobile phones and automobiles and the rapid expansion of market capacity have driven the rapid development of the upstream PCB industry. In the process of PCB manufacturers entering automation and upgrading of smart factories, the power is flying and so on. And the provider of the program played an important role. Especially recently, the three-axis robot launched by Power Flying has set a new revolution in the PCB automation industry with obvious advantages.

PCB industry usher in a new stage of development

It has been observed that the PCB industry is currently entering a new stage of development, and many manufacturers in the industry have profoundly felt different changes from the past.

First of all, the demand for PCB products has increased significantly, so that PCB manufacturers have seen many business opportunities and greater prospects. At present, the increasing popularity of smart phones and smart TVs, the gradual maturity of intelligent transportation applications in the automotive field, and the entry of 5G technologies into the market have led to a huge “rice” of demand for PCB products by many industry companies. Moreover, the differentiation of different industries also puts different requirements on PCB specific products.

Second, the PCB industry itself is constantly evolving. In order to meet the new requirements, the PCB industry has also grown in these years, and PCB products are characterized by multiple layers, ultra-thin, miniaturization, high precision and so on. PCB manufacturers seized the development trend of Industry 4.0, actively introduced robot equipment through technology upgrades, promoted automation transformation, and worked hard to build a new generation of smart factories, achieving new goals such as efficiency, precision and environmental protection.

Thirdly, from the current development trend of the PCB industry, the layout of PCB manufacturing in the world is being redefined, and China has become a major town in the PCB industry, with production accounting for half of the world. In the face of such development opportunities, if Chinese PCB manufacturers seize the opportunity, use the technological revolution, through robotic equipment, have the ability and the possibility to achieve the overtaking of the global peers, becoming the new leader in the development of Industry 4.0.