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PCB industry peak season, upstream raw materials supply and demand are attracting attention

o-lead o-leading.com 2018-07-06 19:40:54

The PCB industry entered the market demand season in the second half of the year, but the first quarter saw the strong demand for upstream copper foil, fiberglass cloth and copper foil substrate (CCL), especially at the current fiberglass cloth factory, there is still a shortage of raw glass fiber yarn supply. The dilemma of the product, the rise of the product is on the verge; the copper foil factory is accelerating the demand for copper foil due to the lithium battery of the electric vehicle and the PCB factory, forming a glorious market demand.

Li Sixian, general manager of the copper foil factory Jinju Development, pointed out that Jinju's processing fee for the second quarter of this year will remain at the level of the first quarter, and the third quarter will enter the peak season of PCB. Under the market demand, processing fees will maintain a stable level, which will boost the market. Profit in the third quarter.

The global PCB proofing service provider “Jeduobang” learned that the supply of fiberglass cloth has been in the tight situation of the supply of raw glass fiber yarn in the fourth quarter of last year. This phenomenon has not been improved so far. In the second quarter of the market, the electronics The price of grade fiberglass cloth has no strong rise, but both Fuqiao and Dehong are optimistic about the peak season effect of the third season, which will push up demand and stabilize the price, and drive up the price.

Jeddah was informed that the third season of the PCB(pcb board manufacturer china) full-process factory is the beginning of the peak season, the fourth season is the most prosperous season of the year. Relatively speaking, Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been modified to adopt the carrier-type board (SLP) design last year. Including the products of Xinxing, Huatong and Yuding, which will be produced by Apple in the second year of this year, the yield should be greatly improved. The third season will help to attract profits, but it is consumed by the carrier board. Multi-intermediate process, forming a capacity exclusion for HDI (high-density link); the legal person is optimistic that Jianding's expansion last year increased by 600,000 square feet per month, which will be enough to eat HDI board orders.

As for the PCB equipment part, the third season was originally the peak season. After the AOI equipment factory's monthly income was 13 months, the general manager Chen Fusheng was still optimistic about the third season. As for the fast, group In the third quarter, there will be a wave of convergence to the new semiconductor and soft board factory Jialian Yiguanyin, which will significantly improve its performance.