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What is electronic PCBA labor and materials?

2019-10-23 18:57:26
PCBA labor and materials are actually a processing method, including PCB processing, raw material procurement, SMT processing, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and other processing processes, saving customers time, cycle, inventory and other costs. At present, this method is increasingly becoming the first choice for system integrators and product manufacturers. The following professional PCBA foundry one-stop service provider - Xiamen Yingruifeng Electronics, to analyze the PCBA labor and materials from all aspects. Mobile Phone PCB supplier china.

First, the processing characteristics of PCBA labor and materials
PCBA labor and materials can effectively save customers' time and cost, and the traditional electronic foundry procurement time, inventory cost, inspection time, personnel expenses, etc., effectively transfer the risk to the electronic processing plant. And the quotation of labor and materials seems to be higher than the total separation, but in fact can effectively reduce the cost of R & D companies, allowing companies to concentrate on their areas of expertise, such as design, research and development, marketing, after-sales service. oem Industrial Computer PCB.

Second, the potential risk of PCBA labor and materials
The most important thing to choose a one-stop PCBA service is to choose a good supplier. It is undeniable that there are some electronic processing manufacturers in the market that sacrifice excess customer quality and steal raw materials. However, such a hammer sale is not a healthy development of a company. Xiamen Yingruifeng Electronics www.yrf-xm.com, professional electronic PCBA contractor and package service provider, can provide you with high quality SMT chip processing services, as well as rich PCBA processing experience, PCBA labor and materials for you to worry .

Third, PCBA processing labor and materials packaging process
The manufacturability design of electronic products during design is critical to the quality control of electronic processing. After the customer has designed the product, the PCB file, BOM list and other engineering documents will be handed over to the supplier. PCB for Telecommunication Device.

The supplier will usually have a special process personnel to review, confirm, evaluate the stencil printing, patching process, plug-in process and other details. After that, the customer prepays the construction cost of the contractor's materials to the supplier. After the supplier receives the payment, the supplier purchases the components. After the preparation is completed, the production is scheduled according to the PMC plan. For the customer, it is the acceptance and payment of the final payment.

Fourth, why PCBA labor and materials can become a new trend in electronic processing
SMT patch processing has been developed for decades, industry competition has become saturated, and the industry average profit margin is low and stable. In the market, suppliers who have no bottom line to kill prices are everywhere, and these are often just for the purpose of sharing costs or surviving. The super reserve price can't support the actual cost of the supplier's business operation. The result of the purchase is: poor quality, rework, disputes, and finally disappointing, and then continue to find the next supplier, still repeating yesterday's story. Customers familiar with electronics manufacturing are well aware of the market's transparent quotations, even if they contain components, so they can accept the plan of contract labor and materials, and only need to provide reasonable profits to suppliers.