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Very practical high-frequency PCB circuit design problems

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-11-06 13:48:44
A circuit by a few pcb board composition, they should be a total of land?
A circuit consists of several PCBs, mostly requiring a total of ground, because in a circuit with a few power, after all, is not practical. But if you have specific conditions, you can use a different power of course, interference will be smaller.

Design a hand-held product with LCD, housing for metal. Test ESD, ICE-1000-4-2 can not pass the test, CONTACT only through 1100V, AIR can pass 6000V. ESD coupling test, the level can only be through 3000V, vertical can pass 4000V test. CPU frequency is 33MHZ. Is there any way to pass ESD tests?

Handheld products and metal shell, ESD problems must be more obvious, LCD is also likely to appear more bad phenomenon. If you can not change the existing metal material, it is recommended to add anti-electrical materials within the organization to strengthen the PCB, and try to make the LCD ground. Of course, how to operate depends on the specific situation.

Design a system with DSP, PLD, which from these aspects to consider ESD?
In terms of the general system, the main part of the body should be considered in direct contact with the appropriate protection on the circuit and the organization. As for the ESD will have much impact on the system, it will depend on different circumstances. Dry environment, ESD phenomenon will be more serious, more sensitive and sophisticated system, the impact of ESD will be relatively obvious. Although the impact of large systems sometimes ESD is not obvious, but the design or to pay more attention, as far as possible in trouble.