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On the pcb design in the "simulation"

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-11-07 20:34:42
What is simulation?
Simulation, that is, the use of project models to be specific to a specific level of uncertainty into their impact on the target, the impact of the project simulation project is the overall level of representation. The PCb circuit board simulation, through a specific simulation software on the PCb line and layout planning, to achieve the purpose of saving R & D costs. Simulation software is ORCAD, PROTEL, PADS, HYPERLYNX7.0 and so on. 

Why pcb simulation?
PCB simulation can actually simulate the PCB to make the actual use of the effect, is the ideal state of the PCB. In the PCB simulation in the detection of PCB board lines, in the design phase can solve a lot of unnecessary wiring and design problems, thus saving research and development costs.

PCB simulation type
(SI), electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC), power integrity analysis (PI), thermal analysis (Thermal), etc., the current design of electronic products are more contact with the The first three, and SI and EMC more concerned about some.

SI problems can be divided into distortion and delay. Distortion is mainly caused by reflection (impedance mismatch), crosstalk (capacitive or inductive coupling between signals), loss (skin effect loss and dielectric loss) and other reasons. The delay is mainly related to the signal transmission time (mainly depending on the signal length). EMC issues mainly discuss the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the outside world caused by changes in current and voltage in the signal. 

From the design process point of view, pcb simulation can be divided into pre-simulation and post-simulation, before the simulation is in the PCB? Layout before the circuit will be out of the sensitive network, pre-built its topology, routing parameters, through simulation to contrast Different topology and alignment parameters on the signal transmission, and thus summed up a set