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Unique advantages of PCB

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-19 15:38:38

LED Lighting manufacturer china

Pcb has become the mainstream technology with its unique advantages over other technologies used in components and electrical interconnection. Its advantages are as follows:
(1) the size and weight of electronic equipment are greatly reduced

(2) mass production can greatly reduce the unit price of products

(3) connection between components and installation of components is convenient for automation

(4) it reduces the distributed capacitance in the circuit and makes the circuit more stable

(5) high level, repeatable and consistent circuit characteristic parameters can be ensured in mass production(Impedance PCB manufacturer china)

(6) the location of components is fixed and easy to identify, so the maintenance of electronic equipment becomes simple

(7) the detection time is greatly shortened because the printed circuit board minimizes the fault connection and short circuit fault

(8) reduced technical requirements for PCB technicians and shortened training time.

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