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Circuit board recycling equipment application and recycling waste circuit board

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-20 15:43:39

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The circuit board can be called a printed circuit board or a printed circuit board. The English name is PCB, FPC circuit board, and the FPC circuit board is also called a flexible circuit board. The flexible circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film. It is highly reliable. Recycling of waste boards requires proper environmentally friendly disposal. Waste circuit boards are at the heart of the entire e-waste and are difficult to handle.

Waste circuit boards contain a large amount of resources such as plastics, glass, metals, and precious metals. If the waste circuit board is disposed of at will, it will not only bring potential harm to the environment, but also cause great waste of resources. Therefore, the harmless and resourceful disposal of discarded circuit boards can not only protect the natural environment on which humans depend, but also realize the recycling of resources. The characteristics of the green environmentally-friendly integrated waste circuit board, the comprehensive processing and recycling technology of different waste circuit boards and metal and non-metal resources. Green Jie environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, low consumption, fully enclosed, no pollution, maintenance-free, etc. It is suitable for the recycling of various waste electronic waste materials, in line with the national policy on energy conservation and emission reduction. To achieve sustainable economic and social development. The development of green and low-carbon economy with energy conservation, environmental protection and high technology as the core has gradually become the development concept pursued by countries and enterprises.

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Abandoned circuit boards are components of electronic waste that are complex and difficult to handle. If they are left untreated, arbitrarily stacked or landfilled or disposed of improperly, they will pose a great threat to the surrounding environment. In addition, China is Vigorously develop a circular economy and advocate the establishment of a resource-saving society to alleviate the enormous pressure exerted by the population, resources and environment on the sustainable development of society. The integrated processing and recycling of waste circuit boards has become an important issue in the field of resource and environment. (PCB Prototype supplier china )

The Green Jie environmentally-friendly dry circuit board crushing equipment adopts dry crushing and pulverizing, making the waste circuit board a mixture of metal and resin fiber, and then separating the metal and the non-metal such as resin by a wind pressure separator. Advantages of equipment, low noise, no water, no dust pollution, saving power, saving manpower, no waste, more than 95% of metal and non-metals are fully recycled. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, the equipment adopts three-in-one dust removal device. The dust removal device has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal and two-stage bag dust removal, which effectively solves the dust pollution problem, and all the indicators reach the national standard.