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The name of O-LEADING means a combination of the abbreviations of the company’s English name :Honest and Leading. Honest means we are reliable not only on product quality but also on Business Principles ; Leading means we are not only a leading supplier at PCB, but also a leading company in this industry. The dominant colors of the logo are orange and deep blue with a strong sense of technology.Why “A” in our logo is with orange color? Because orange color is on behalf of vitality, enthusiasm and trust.

The letter A in the logo adopts a variant design, like the triangle. Triangle symbolizes the stability, representing that the business of O-Leading goes forward steadily; the bright, dazzling, eye-catching orange means progress, going forward; the blocky feature symbolizes the characteristic of the industry. A is in the letter of Reliable and Valuable, which is our company culture. Orange color shows “A” means wealth, rich and prosperity. Blue are the technology colors, the symbol of innovation, technology and quality.

The overall design of composite figure is steady and generous with strong sense of technology, representing that the O-Leading takes elaboration and high-quality goods as the core concept and whose vision is to be the most reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of electronic circuits in the world, which is also a symbol of the brilliant performance; like the rising sun, the O-Leading is rising up, glamorous, vibrant, energetic, thriving.



O-Leading will become the domestic and foreign high-end PCB industry brands.


For the continuous progress of the electronic industry, the contribution of our greatest strength.

Business philosophy:

To explore innovation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence.

Core values:

Integrity, teamwork, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, sincere service, sustainable development, the pursuit of innovation, customer service.

Service concept:

response to the speed, professional services, the pursuit of perfection.

Quality policy:

Careful planning, process control, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.