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Two methods of pcb solder

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-12-10 11:23:56

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The so-called "reliable" means that the solder joints not only have all the properties required when the product is just produced, but also ensure that the work is correct throughout the life of the electronic product.

There are currently two approaches:
a. Artificial solder: In the whole soldering process, if the manual soldering method is used, the tools used are generally electric soldering irons, and the soldering iron is divided into an external heating type soldering iron and an internal heating type soldering iron. However, there are many bottlenecks in artificial soldering, which also damages the employees' body. Coupled with cost factors such as difficulty in recruiting and rising wages, the use of artificial solder has become less and less.

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b. Soldering with a machine: automatic soldering machine technology. Although the physical and chemical principles of all soldering processes are the same, the soldering of electronic circuits has its own characteristics, namely high reliability and miniaturization, which is consistent with the characteristics of electronic products. The automatic soldering machine has a fast speed, consistent solder joints and guaranteed quality, and has become a mainstream soldering method. (ENIPIG HDI manufacturer china )

For the soldering of the circuit board, manual soldering is often used for small batches, and for high-volume electronic products, automatic soldering robots or wave solder reflow soldering methods are usually used.