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How harmful is the printed circuit board to the human body?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-12-07 11:26:19

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Both manual soldering and industrial automated soldering, as well as workers engaged in electronic product processes, are inevitably exposed to printed circuit boards. This section describes the human and environmental hazards involved in the production and use of printed circuit boards.

The use of tin-lead solder coating on the surface of printed circuit boards has three main aspects:

(1) Lead is exposed to the process.

(2) Lead-containing wastewater such as tin-lead plating and lead-containing gas with hot air leveling will have adverse effects on the environment. (RIGID-FLEXIBLE BOARD supplier)

(3) The printed circuit board contains tin-lead plating/coating. When such printed circuit boards are scrapped or the electronic equipment used is scrapped, the lead-containing substances on it cannot be recycled. If the garbage is buried underground, it will last for many years. It will cause lead in the groundwater, which will cause environmental pollution. In addition, lead-free gas is used in wave soldering, reflow soldering or manual soldering operations in printed circuit board assembly, which affects the human body and Environment while leaving more lead on the printed circuit board. (Aluminum PCB  manufacturer china )

We only have one planet, we only have one life, protect our planet, love our lives, and promote lead-free is very necessary and necessary, we must work together.