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Future application trends of industrial robots in the PCB industry

o-leading o-leading 2018-12-11 17:16:54

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The application of industrial robots in the PCB industry in the future will present the following trends:

1. From single station or single line applications to multi-line applications. It is difficult for existing PCB companies to fully introduce robots to achieve automated production. It is necessary to invest a large amount of funds for transformation, but it can be step-by-step transformation on single-station and single-line with conditions. After obtaining obvious results, gradually expand the scope of application.

2. From the application of simple robots to the application of other intelligent equipment such as AGV. Most of the material transfer between the existing process lines is manual operation, which can be distributed to realize the orderly transfer of materials by robot and AGV. (PCB Prototype supplier china)

3. The existing plant is mainly applied to local applications. The new plant construction will be integrated into the overall planning and directly imported into the application of robots and AGVs.

4. The combination of industrial robots and the Internet of Things will make the manufacturing process more intelligent and flexible.

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