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Surprise! The old household appliances have these hazards

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2018-03-07 13:53:28
In life, you may be more concerned about the shelf life of the food. But there's a shelf life for home appliances, do you know? The safe use of TV for 8 years -10 years, extended service easy combustion, may cause electric shock; electric water heater safety life for 8 years, extended service will increase the risk of leakage; electric pressure cooker safety life for 5-8 years, the use of long years possible explosion.

What is the old household appliance? The definition of old household appliances is more than the basic express life of the country, but it is not damaged, and can also be used as a normal household appliance. Although these household appliances can be used normally, but there are many hazards, and even bring a lot of security risks.

There are many shortcomings in old household appliances.

The original parts are aging and the harmful substances are released. Taking the old color TV as an example, the electronic source is upgrading faster. The State Bureau of quality and Supervision said: color TV as the fastest appliance in home appliances, which will release all kinds of harmful substances after aging, overdue or waste, will cause invisible harm to the human body.

Electricity, high power, high noise. Take refrigerating products for example, many friends say, my home air conditioning has been used for many years, no trouble, and how many years my refrigerator has no trouble. But have you found out that these old appliances are quietly overloading your home electricity bill. More electricity can buy a few new appliances!

The maintenance cost is too large, hard to find parts. Because the old appliance has exceeded the national basic express service life, it is easy to appear a variety of problems, it is necessary to repair, you will find that the maintenance cost is too large, with the upgrading of products, hard to find parts has become the biggest problem, the most headache is possible after bad repair, repair bad, repeat.Go for a new home appliance with PCB factory who export the goods to Europe.

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