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Where did your old household appliances go? How do those who recycle old appliances deal with ol

  • Author:o-leading.com
  • Source:o-leading.com
  • Release on:2018-03-06
Where did your old household appliances go? 
How do those who recycle old appliances 
deal with old household appliances

Regular household appliance recycling companies, after recycling, scrap household appliances, recycling metal and non-metallic materials inside them, copper in motor coils, copper and aluminum in air conditioners, and some rare earth elements in PCB. Some home appliances can be recycled with some parts, such as electric motors, diodes, resistors, capacitors and so on.

pcb (Printed circuit board in china)is a important in all kinds of electric appliance .

But these values are relatively low, so the prices of the regular household appliances recycling companies are relatively low.

Now the country has a trade in policy, many of the home appliance recycling price more than ten dollars, but after they recovered back if good quality, you can hand on the existing relatively poor quality of the change, the difference compared to the professional company of good quality can be disassembled, maintenance and sales, this piece of the profit is not small.

O-Leading ( china pcb manufacturer ) strives to be your one stop  solution  partner of EMS manufacture, including PCB design , PCB fabrication and PCB assembly (PCBA).We providing some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient services applied in the industry.