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Smart driving car sensor

o-lead o-leading.com 2018-06-26 15:44:29

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Millimeter-wave radar is usually supplied by a complete system. 

The MMIC chip and antenna PCB are the hardware cores of the millimeter-wave radar. 

The core technology is controlled by giants such as Bosch and Continental Delphi. The radar antenna high-frequency PCB board is controlled by a few companies such as Rogers (Rogers), Schweizer (Schwartz, currently holding 19.74% of the shares of Shanghai Power Holdings). 

The main solution of millimeter-wave radar is the microstrip array. In simple terms, the antenna array is integrated on the substrate of a very small PCB, and it is necessary to maintain sufficient signal strength of the antenna in a small integrated space. 

The large-scale application of the 77-GHz radar will correspond to Increase the demand for high-frequency PCB boards.

 It is generally at the front of the car, the underside of the front headlights, and the two sides of the door. Each car uses five to seven pieces. It is expected that the average number of millimeter-wave radars for vehicles in the future will continue to grow at a high rate. 

The upgrade will provide more space for the PCB industry.