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Purpose and characteristics of PCB electroplating

2018-08-01 14:32:19

The purpose of PCB electroplating is to prevent corrosion of steel objects, improve the corrosion resistance and service life of steel, and also increase the decorative appearance of the products. Steel will be weathered, water or soil corrosion with time. The annual corrosion of steel in China accounts for almost one-tenth of the total steel. Therefore, in order to protect the service life of steel or its parts, PCB electroplating is generally used to process steel.

Since zinc is not easily changed in dry air and can produce a basic zinc carbonate film in a humid environment, the film can protect internal parts from corrosion and damage, even if the zinc layer is damaged by certain factors. In this case, zinc and steel combine to form a microbattery over a period of time, and the steel substrate is protected as a cathode.(Key board PCB supplier china

Zinc plating on iron, because of its negative potential, is an anodic coating, which has good electrochemical protection. Therefore, galvanizing is widely used to prevent rust of ferrous metals. Widely used in electroplating electrical parts, mechanical hardware, construction hardware and defense industry.

Zinc is mainly used in the industry for electroplating, hot dip plating, battery industry and alloy manufacturing.

Summary PCB(High quality pcb manufacturer) electroplating has the following characteristics:
1. Good corrosion resistance, combined with fine and uniform, not easy to get into the interior by corrosive gases or liquids.
2, because the new layer is relatively pure, it is not easy to be corroded under the acid or alkali environment. Effectively protect the steel body for a long time.
3, after chromic acid passivation to form a variety of colors, can be selected according to customer preferences, galvanized and elegant, decorative.
4. The zinc coating has good ductility and will not fall easily when performing various bending, handling and impact.