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Where ground design requires attention (two)

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-22 12:55:33
In the circuit board, circuit board and PCB board (Printed circuit board supplier ) of the electronic equipment, the grounding is an important method to control the interference. If grounding and shielding can be correctly combined, most interference problems can be solved. In electronic equipment, the earth wire structure is roughly systematic, shell (screen), digital (logical) and simulation. 

In ground wire design, the following items should be noted: 

Try to thicken the ground wire 

If the grounding wire is very fine, the grounding potential varies with the current, which makes the timing signal level of the electronic equipment unstable and the noise resistance deteriorated. Therefore, the grounding wire should be as thick as possible so that it can pass three times as much as the permissible current of the printed circuit board (pcb board Printed company china). If possible, the width of the ground wire shall be greater than 3mm. 

The grounding wire forms a dead loop 

When designing the ground wire system of printed circuit boards (Printed circuit company) boardcomposed of digital circuits, the grounding wire can be used as a dead loop circuit, which can obviously improve the noise immunity. The reason is that there are a lot of integrated circuit components: printed circuit board, especially in case of power consumption of components, due to the thickness of the ground, will have a greater potential difference in the node, decrease the ability of anti noise, if the ground structure into a loop, it will narrow the potential difference, improve the anti noise ability of equipment.