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PCB board knowledge for your reference

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-22 12:56:59
Based on the PCB board (Printed circuit board company) production is the back of a film version. Early production of back of a film version, need to make Feilinditu, then use the map for photographic or copy. Base map and printed circuit board required precision must be consistent, and should consider the deviation caused by the production process of the compensation. 

Map can be provided by the customer can also be made by the manufacturer, but the two sides should close cooperation and consultation, so as to meet the requirements of users, and can adapt to the conditions of production. In the case of map users, manufacturers should be tested and approved map, users can evaluate and approve the original or the first piece of printed circuit board (Printed circuit board supplier) products. 

A hand drawn map making method, mapping and CAD mapping. With the development of computer technology, PCB CAD technology has got great progress, printed board production technology level continuously to multilayer, thin wire, small aperture, high density direction increases rapidly, the original film plate technology has been unable to meet the needs of the design of printed circuit board (pcb board Printed company china), and the light painting technology.