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Do you know how to print PCB in a light plotter?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-22 12:58:02
Using the plotter, the PCB graphic data file designed by CAD can be sent directly to the computer system of the light drawing machine, and the light drawing machine can directly draw pictures on the negative film by using light. Then through the back of a film version of developing and fixing. The use of optical technology in the production of printed circuit board (Printed circuit board company)drawing speed, back of a film version, high precision, good quality, and avoid human error may appear on the map or draw the artificial map, greatly improving the work efficiency, shorten the production cycle of printed circuit board (pcb board Printed company china). 

Laser drawing machine, can be completed in the past a long time to complete the work in a very short period of time, and the drawing of the thin wire, high density plate is unmatched by manual operation. According to the structure of laser plotter, it can be divided into flat type, Internal, Drum and External Drum. 

The optical drawing data is generated, is to design data by the CAD software transformation called Gerber data through the CAM system to modify, edit, complete light painting pretreatment (imposition, mirror), so as to meet the requirements of the production process of printed board(Printed circuit board supplier). Then the processed data is sent to the light painting machine, drawing machine by optical grating (Raster) image data processor into raster data, the raster data through high-power fast compression reduction algorithm is sent to the laser drawing machine, complete light painting.