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Where ground design requires attention (1)

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-22 12:54:18
The design of printed circuit board (Printed circuit board supplier ) is based on the schematic diagram of the circuit to realize the function that the circuit designer needs. Mainly refers to the layout design of printed circuit board (Printed circuit board company), the need to consider the layout of the external connections, internal electronic components, metal wire layout optimization and through-hole layout optimization, electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation and other factors. Excellent layout design can save production cost and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation performance. 

In ground wire design, the following items should be noted: 

Correct selection of single point earthing and multipoint earthing 

In low frequency circuits, the operating frequency of the signal is less than 1MHz, and its wiring and inductance between the devices are less affected, and the circulation caused by the grounding circuit has a greater impact on interference, so it should adopt one point grounding. When the signal operating frequency is greater than 10MHz, the ground impedance becomes very large. At this point, the ground impedance should be reduced as far as possible, and the ground multipoint grounding should be adopted. When the working frequency is between 1 and 10MHz, if one point grounding is adopted, the ground wire length shall not exceed 1/20 of the wavelength, or multipoint grounding method shall be adopted. 

Separate digital circuits from analog circuits 

The circuit board (pcb board Printed company china ) is high speed logic circuit, and linear circuits, so they should try to separate them, and do not ground phase, ground wire and connected to the power supply end respectively. The grounding area of the linear circuit should be increased as much as possible.