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Printed circuit board design

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-12-22 12:24:16
An electronic circuit, however dandy it may be, is incomplete without an effective printed circuit board design. After designing a circuit and verifying its functionality, the next step is to design a printed circuit board on which the circuit can be implemented and tested using actual components. Some designers find this as an extension of their ongoing design process, while others may find it to be quite a cumbersome process. For a few masters of the craft, what fascinates them more than the complexity of the printed circuit board design is their artistic nature. Many companies hire their own expert printed circuit board designers. Considering the fact that it takes a considerable amount of time and expertise to correctly design these printed circuit boards, some Custom Circuit Boards china even have their own dedicated printed circuit board design departments. 

In the early days, printed circuit board design was carried out using adhesive tapes and pads on drafting film. A significant amount of time was spent on cutting, placing and routing of the tracks by hand. With the advent of computer technology and CAD programs, conventional techniques of printed circuit board design have been replaced by software driven methods, resulting in significant improvements in design time and design complexity. What used to take several hours can now be completed in a few minutes.

Today, there are numerous printed circuit board design tools available in the market. Many of them are shareware or freeware packages, while others are very high end expensive packages that run on UNIX or LINUX systems. For more information, you can click Pcb design in china.