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Some questions about termination

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-20 13:14:27
What are the modes of termination?
Termination (terminal), also known as matching. In general, according to the matching location, the active terminal matching and terminal matching. The source, general resistance series matching, terminal matching is generally parallel matching, way more, there is resistance to pull, pull-down resistor, Thevenin matching, AC matching, matching Schottky diode. 

48, what are the factors that affect the adoption of termination (matching)?
The matching mode is usually determined by the BUFFER characteristics, the general situation, the level, the type and the decision mode, and the duty cycle of the signal and the power consumption of the system are also considered. 

49, what is the rule of using terminal (matching)?
The key problem of digital circuits is the timing problem. The purpose of matching is to improve the quality of signals, and the signals can be determined at the moment of judgment. For the level effective signal, the quality of the signal is stable under the premise of guaranteeing the establishment and holding time. To the delay effective signal, the speed of the signal change meets the requirement under the premise of guaranteeing the monotonicity of the signal. There are some information about the matching in the Mentor ICX product textbook. In addition, "High Speed Digital design hand book of blackmagic" has a chapter devoted to the terminal tells, from the electromagnetic wave principle tells about the role of a matching signal integrity, for reference.