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Very practical high frequency PCB circuit design 3 questions

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-19 14:15:05
Are there any other good tools besides the Protel tool wiring?
As for the tool, in addition to PROTEL, there are many routing tools such as MENTOR, WG2000, EN2000 and powerpcb series, Cadence Allegro, zuken cadstar, cr5000 and so on, each one has his good points.

What is the signal return path?
Signal return path, i.e., return current. When high-speed digital signals are transmitted, the signal flows from the driver along the PCB transmission line to the load, and then returns to the driver end via the shortest path through the ground or the power supply. The return signal on the ground or the power supply is called the signal return path. In his book, Dr.Johson explains that high frequency signaling is actually the process of charging the dielectric capacitor between the transmission line and the DC layer. SI analyzed the electromagnetic properties of the paddock and the coupling between them.

How do docking plug-ins perform SI analysis?
In the IBIS3.2 specification, there is a description of the connector model. The EBD model is generally used. If it is a special plate, such as a backplane, the SPICE model is needed. A multi board simulation software (HYPERLYNX or IS_multiboard) can also be used to establish the distributed parameters of an input connector in a multi board system, usually obtained from the socket connector manual. Of course, this method will not be accurate enough, but only within acceptable limits.