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PCB technology changes and market trends

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-23 16:29:58
As an important electronic connector, Key board PCB supplier china is used almost exclusively on all electronic products and is considered the "mother of electronic system products", and its technological changes and market trends have become the focus of attention for many industry players.
Electronic products present two obvious trends, one is thin and small, and second, high-speed high-frequency, corresponding to downstream downstream PCB to high density, high integration, encapsulation, subtle and multi-layer direction, HDI's growing demand. 

High-profile board wiring length is short, the circuit impedance is low, high-frequency high-speed work, stable performance, can assume more complex functions, is the electronic technology to high-speed high-frequency, multi-functional large-capacity development of the inevitable trend. Especially in-depth application of large-scale integrated circuits, will further drive the PCB towards high-precision, high-level.

The current 8-layer PCB is mainly used for household appliances, PC, desktop and other electronic products, and high-performance multi-channel servers, aerospace and other high-end applications require PCB layers in more than 10 layers. To the server, for example, in a single, dual-server PCB board is generally between the 4-8 layer, and 4, 8 and other high-end server motherboard requirements of more than 16 layers, the backplane requirements in more than 20 layers.