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Performance characteristics of printed circuit boards for automobiles

2020-06-03 18:24:52

A wide variety of automotive PCBs

Automobiles are a complex of machinery and electronic equipment. Modern automotive technology brings together ancient traditional craftsmanship and the most advanced scientific technologies, such as the production of handmade interior trim parts and advanced GPS positioning systems. Different parts of the modern car have electronic devices with different functions, and different types of PCBs are used according to the different functions of the electronic devices.

PCBs used in automobiles are divided into two categories according to substrates: inorganic ceramic-based PCBs and organic resin-based PCBs.

The biggest feature of the ceramic-based PCB is high heat resistance and good dimensional stability, which can be directly used in the engine system of high heat environment, but the ceramic substrate has poor processability and the cost of the ceramic PCB is high. Now that the heat resistance of newly developed resin substrates has increased, so most of the cars use resin-based PCBs and choose substrates with different properties for different parts.

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Common automobile instruments and air conditioning devices that display speed and mileage use rigid single-sided PCB or flexible single-sided PCB (FPCB).

Car audio and video entertainment devices, using double-sided and multi-layer PCB, and FPCB. Multi-layer boards and HDI boards, and FPCB will be used for communication and wireless positioning devices and safety control devices in automobiles. Automobile engine control system and power transmission control system will use metal-based PCB, rigid-flex PCB and other special boards.

For the miniaturization of automobiles, embedded component PCBs are used. For example, the microprocessor chip is directly embedded in the power control circuit board in the power controller, and the embedded component PCB is used in the navigation device. The stereo camera device also uses the embedded component PCB.

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Different parts of PCB have different reliability requirements

Automobiles are public safety vehicles and belong to the category of high-reliability products. In addition to the conventional PCB appearance, size, and mechanical and electrical performance requirements, the PCB used must withstand a series of reliability tests.(Thermal cycle test, thermal shock test, damp heat plus bias insulation test)

At present, automotive technology is changing rapidly, and the focus is on the continuous updating of automotive electronic functions, so PCB applications will increase. The above-mentioned automotive PCB features will definitely be incomplete, and new technologies and new contents need to be paid attention to. It is not easy to enter the automotive PCB market, and it is not easy to maintain the automotive PCB market. We must keep making progress to adapt to the new requirements of automobiles.

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