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Panelizing PCBs

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-12-26 13:33:40
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) need to be kept secure during the manufacturing, shipping, and assembly processes to avoid damaging the unit.
Panelizing PCBs is a way to safeguard their integrity. 
In addition, panelization allows HDI pcb Printed circuit board to assemble multiple boards simultaneously, reducing costs and production time. Panelization must be done properly so that PCBs will not be broken or otherwise damaged during separation. 

1) Panelization
Panelization,also known as an array format, is used to process multiple boards while keeping them together in a single substrate. The process allows Pcb prototype manufacturer china tomaintain high quality while reducing costs. 

The two most common methods of panelization are V-groove panelization and breakaway tab, or tab-route panelization. 
V-Groove Panelization –This method involves cutting 1/3 the thickness of the board from both the top and bottom with a 30- to 45-degree circular cutting blade. The remaining board is quite sturdy and is depaneled by machine to avoid stress on the PCB.V-Groove panelization is used where there are no overhanging components. 

Tab-Route PanelizationThis method permits placing PCBs of the same or different designs together. Space is left between the perforated tabs and the traces and surface mounted parts.This reduces surface stress and avoids splintering. 

2) Depanelization
Depanelization is simply removing individual PCBs from the array. Several different methods are used to depanel PCB arrays:

Breaking by Hand– Only appropriate for strain-resistant circuits. 
Pizza Cutter– Used on V-grooves. Best for cutting very large panels into smaller ones, this method is inexpensive and low-maintenance. 
Punching– A two-part fixture punches out single PCBs. Higher capacity, but higher maintenance and cost. 
Depaneling Router– Single boards are connected using tabs; the router bit mills out the tabs. Can cut arcs and turn at sharp angles, but capacity is lower.

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