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PCB storage and baking in different regions

2019-09-12 09:29:06
The specific storage time and baking temperature of the PCB are not only related to the production capacity and manufacturing process of the PCB manufacturer, but also have a great relationship with the region. LED PCB manufacturer china.

The PCB made by the OSP process and the pure immersion gold process generally has a shelf life of 6 months after packaging, and is generally not recommended for the OSP process. High Frequency PCB wholesales china.

The storage and baking time of PCB has a great relationship with the area. The humidity in the south is generally heavier. Especially in Guangdong and Guangxi, there will be “returning to the south” weather every year in March and April. It is very wet at this time. The PCB must be used up within 24 hours of exposure to air, otherwise it will be easily oxidized. After normal opening, it is best to use up to 8 hours. For some PCBs that need to be baked, the baking time is longer.

In the northern regions, the weather is generally dry, the PCB storage time will be longer, and the baking time can be shorter. The baking temperature is generally 120±5°C baking, and the baking time is determined according to the specific conditions. High Tg PCB manufacturer china.

For the PCB storage time, baking time temperature, specific analysis of specific problems, on the basis of PCB management and control specifications, according to the different manufacturers' production capabilities, technology, geography and seasons, to choose.

In particular, the lead-free solder paste, lead solder paste, low-temperature solder paste, high-temperature solder paste can not be heated to shorten the time to return to temperature, which will seriously affect the quality of solder paste soldering . Therefore, everyone began to choose a nitrogen-filled oven. The nitrogen-filled oven is mostly used for semiconductor packaging. The temperature meter is used to detect whether the temperature in the oven meets the process requirements. The oxygen content analyzer is used to detect whether the nitrogen content in the oven meets the requirements of the process.