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PCB process details

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-28 21:55:39

Open material
Will be large pieces of sheet metal cutting into a variety of requirements of small pieces of sheet metal.

equipment and role:
1. Automatic feeder: the large material cut into a variety of fine materials.

2. Grinding round angle machine: the corner angle ends are rounded round.

3. Washing machine: the board of dust on the dust and clean and dry.

4. Oven: Furnace plate to improve sheet stability.

5. Marking machine; marking the mark on the edge of the board.

the operating norms:
1. Automatic feeder before the check to set the size, to prevent the wrong material.

2. After the opening of the inner board should pay attention to mark the cross material, not chaos.

3. Hand wear gloves, be careful to prevent the rubbing board surface.

4. After washing the board to be aware of the board with or without water stains, banned with water stains baked board to prevent oxidation.

Check the temperature setting before opening the oven.

5, safety and environmental protection Note:

1. When the feeder is switched on, the hand does not stretch into the machine.

2. Paper and other flammable products do not put on the oven next to prevent the fire.

3. Oven temperature setting is strictly prohibited over the specified value.

4. From the oven to take the need to wear asbestos gloves, and to wait for the board after cooling plate.

5. With waste materials in strict accordance with the provisions of the provisions of MEI001 to prevent pollution of the environment.