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Some questions and answers to the RF section

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-31 21:07:18
Outdoor unit radio frequency part, the frequency part, and even the outdoor unit to monitor the low-frequency part of the circuit is often used in the same PCB, I would like to ask the PCB on the material requirements? How to prevent radio frequency, intermediate frequency and even low frequency circuit interference between each other?

Hybrid circuit design is a big problem. It is difficult to have a perfect solution.
General RF circuit in the system as a separate board for layout and wiring, and even a special shield cavity. And the RF circuit is generally single or double-sided, the circuit is relatively simple, all of which are in order to reduce the RF circuit distribution parameters, improve the consistency of the RF system. Compared with the general FR4 material, the RF circuit board tends to be the same as the substrate with high Q value. The dielectric constant of this material is relatively small, the transmission line has smaller capacitance, high impedance and low signal transmission delay. In the mixed circuit design, although the RF, digital circuits do the same PCB, but are generally divided into RF circuit area and digital circuit area, respectively, the layout and wiring. Between the ground through the hole with the shielding box shielding.

58, for the RF part, IF part and low-frequency part of the deployment of the same PCB, mentor what solution?

Mentor's board-level system design software, in addition to the basic circuit design features, there are specialized RF design module. In the RF schematic design module, the parametric device model is provided and the bidirectional interface of the RF circuit analysis and simulation tool such as EESOFT is provided. In the RF LAYOUT module, the pattern editing function for RF circuit layout and routing is provided. EESOFT and other RF circuit analysis simulation tool bi-directional interface, for the analysis of the simulation results can be anti-standard back to the schematic and PCB. At the same time, the use of Mentor software design management functions, you can easily achieve the design reuse, design derived, and collaborative design. Greatly speed up the hybrid circuit design process. The mobile phone board is a typical hybrid circuit design, and many large mobile phone design manufacturers use Mentor plus anger's eesoft as a design platform.