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Some of the problems in the design of pcb

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-26 21:22:43
Security issues: FCC, EMC What is the specific meaning?
FCC: public communication commission
EMC: electro megnetic compatibility
FCC is a standard organization, EMC is a standard. The standard promulgation has the corresponding reason, the standard and the test method.

What is differential wiring?
Differential signal, some also known as differential signal, with two exactly the same, the opposite polarity of the signal transmission all the way data, relying on two signal level difference to judge. In order to ensure that the two signals are exactly the same, in the wiring to keep parallel, line width, line spacing remains unchanged.

What are the PCB emulation software?
Simulation of many types of high-speed digital circuit signal integrity analysis simulation analysis (SI) commonly used software icx, signalvision, hyperlynx, XTK, speectraquest and so on. Some also use Hspice.