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PCB industry to do sales, please close the mouth of the complaint, take the legs of work

2019-08-20 09:39:42
In life, at work, we always complain about some bad things, but most people just complain about the two sentences and continue to do their work. Of course, there are some people who complain about light and don't do their jobs.

Complaining everywhere in the workplace. PCB products are used in Digital Products.

Around the PCB factory, you can hear these words anytime, anywhere: "The customer is a jerk, the customer is too stingy, and the customer is too difficult to get it;

Uninteresting in work, bad company, poor management, bad atmosphere... less wages, poor environment, heavy tasks, and high pressure;

Frequent overtime, no bonuses, lack of benefits; "These are complaints that many people often have dissatisfaction with their work.PCB products are used in Communication products.

Everyone may encounter setbacks at work, and everyone is likely to fall into the bottom of professional development, and need to complain and relieve the pressure of life. As a result, complaints have become an emotion that spreads in society, which sounds like nothing wrong.

The problem is, once you develop the habit of complaining, the mindset that forms a complaint inside, we lose the sense of responsibility and mission of work, neglect the happiness and happiness brought about by the completion of work and our own growth. In fact, we should ask ourselves, Can you not complain? PCB products are used in Security Products.

What do we get from complaints? Regardless of the heart, the circuit board factory will hire an employee who constantly complains about the company, complains about the boss, complains about the colleague, and complains about the customer.

What can you bring?

Any market-oriented company wants to hire an employee who can solve problems and bring value to the company, rather than a chattering critic. To know that it is useless to complain, he can only reduce our aggressiveness and courage to overcome difficulties, let us stop outside the door to success.