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How is China's PCB export prospects?

2019-08-21 14:13:53
As the global PCB industry manufacturing sector is further concentrated in China, the proportion of China's PCB production value to the world will continue to rise, and it is expected to increase to over 60% in five years.

PCB is an indispensable component in electronic products. With the continuous improvement of technology, its demand is stable. Power supply module manufacturer china.

The acceleration of integration of terminal application links, customers' requirements for R&D capabilities and production capacity of PCB manufacturing enterprises are getting higher and higher, the market competitiveness of large enterprises will be further enhanced, and the living space of SMEs will be challenged. At present, about 1,500 PCB companies will be further integrated. It is expected that 50-100 companies will withdraw or be merged and integrated each year in the next five years.

The environment is difficult to predict. The PCB industry is still optimistic. PCB Design factory china.

For 2019, the PCB industry's optimism over the past few months is now much more conservative, and the embarrassing situation in which the environment is full of uncertainty is naturally the key. For the PCB industry, tariffs are not really worth worrying about. The transfer of production capacity will not be considered by the PCB industry. Whether the trade war will have an impact on the global economy will make the economic downturn, which will really affect The key to the PCB industry. Consumer Terminal HDI.

In addition to the large environmental uncertainties, the growth of the mobile phone market is also a major problem, especially Apple's new machine sales performance in 2018 is obviously weak, in the case of delayed shipment time, the mobile soft board factory in November Revenue has generally been affected to a certain extent. In the past, most of the soft board season can last until November, but in 2018 there has been an early stagnation or recession.

In the case that demand growth is not clear, and capacity investment has been quite sufficient in the past few years, the PCB industry has become more negative for next year's expansion plan. Some big manufacturers have already indicated that there will be no large-scale capacity expansion next year, even It is emphasized that next year will only increase the number of layers of production, and the total output will not change much.

However, the situation of strong domestic investment and catching up is also worthy of attention. Due to capital adequacy, the progress of 5G related technologies in the leading group in the past two years is obvious.

In addition to technically continuous improvement, enterprise management is also the key to long-term operation of PCB factories. Regardless of how the market environment changes, how technology evolves, and where capacity is set, optimization of production efficiency and improvement of product yield are always the most fundamental issues.